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The CVI & CVO Framework™ What it is and why you need it

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

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The CVI + CVO Framework ™ is a powerful and simple way of aligning your tech and digital efforts to build your digital differentiator - exclusive to The Media CTO.

Working in the media and events industry for many years, I could see that ‘digital transformation’ didn’t always line up with SMEs commercial priorities – and that if those businesses wanted to survive, they needed digital transformation to deliver measurable commercial results.

To solve this problem, I designed the CVI & CVO Framework ™ to do three things:

  1. to create a shared 'non-technical' language that commercial, technical and subject specialists can use to quickly align, measure and boost the impact of any digital initiative or technology.

  2. to empower teams, individuals and specialists to focus on what matters, do what they are good at and demonstrate and be rewarded for the quantifiable commercial value of their effort.

  3. A simple way to effectively apply the relevant essence of complex digital disciplines and quickly engage specialists when you need them.

All this in the context of the realistic resource constraints in many entrepreneurial media & events businesses.

Why You Need The CVI + CVO Framework™

In an increasingly online world, commercial and digital success are one and the same. The CVI & CVO Framework ™ helps media and events SMEs to integrate them successfully.

Using the CVI & CVO Framework ™ you explore ‘below the waterline’ quickly aligning the commercial aspiration for your business and the digital experience you need to support that vision in a fast digital shift. It gives you a path to differentiate digitally and, in time, create a ‘digital moat’ around your business, making digital a value-adding and differentiating pillar of your business, not a cost centre.

How To Use The CVI & CVO Framework™

Used correctly, the framework gives you a method to make money, save money and create time through fast, target-driven digital transformation. The best approach to onboarding it is in two steps:

The Media CTO Digital Success Generator puts every interaction under the microscope, to show you the best method of extracting its full commercial return. It uses the framework to show you how to make the best digital decisions: investing in the right technology, automating appropriate tasks, supercharging your data.

The Digital Academy enables you to take that knowledge and educate your own teams, empowering them with the tools they need to drive transformation that delivers on your business goals.

Digital transformation doesn’t need to be long, expensive and ineffective. With the CVI & CVO Framework ™ , you can achieve transformation results in just six months. To jumpstart your digital advantage, book a free session with The Media CTO.


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