Why We Exist

The Media CTO exists to empower long term, digital capabilities for businesses like yours, helping you to get the best commercial outcomes from digital. 
Our founder, Adam Malik, has been part of the media and events world for 22 years. During that time, he saw countless SMEs sitting on explosive digital potential, but lacking the experience, skills, insight and technical leadership to turn it into tangible commercial gains. 
He developed the CVI + CVO Framework ™  as the solution: a simple, structured way to  unleash that captive potential and help SMEs to activate and maintain their digital edge long into the future.

Our Mission

Media and events SMEs are our passion. You’re exciting, you’re innovative, and you’re always changing as the world changes arounds you. 
We want to be part of that change. 

Our Digital Success Generator helps you to quantify your full digital potential, and activate it by using data, technology and automation to your advantage. It’s a tailor-made action plan to get commercial results from all of your digital investments. 
Our Digital Academy gives access to the tools and training you need to take those learnings and evolve them further, building a solid digital foundation for your business to thrive long into the future (with or without our help).
Grounded in the CVI & CVO Framework ™, the Generator and the Academy offer media and events SMEs a way to reset their relationship with data, discover the exclusive digital opportunities available to them and access the tools they need to realise their goals.

How We Do It
Our Two Step Process

Why onboard
The Media CTO

We know how powerful your digital potential can be. We know the impact the right technology can have on your revenue. We know how automation can create time to spend on developing new products, instead of running projects. 
We know how to turbocharge your commercial value with digital.

Book a free session now to find out what we can do for your business and take the first step to generating digital success.