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CVI + CVO Framework

The CVI + CVO Framework™ and Digitising Events

The CVI + CVO Framework™ is a simple and accessible approach for businesses seeking to increase information exchange and engagement with participants by Digitising Events.

Adapting to new technologies and creating sustainable digitised events is integral to a modern business. The framework provides a structured, evidence-based pathway to Digitising Events, ensuring you focus resources on initiatives directly impacting your event's Customer Value Indicators / Commercially Valuable Interactions (CVIs).

In a rush to digitise events, many businesses make the mistake of putting technology first without a clear and actionable strategy for aligning it with their goals. The focus often falls on basic metrics like registration numbers and overlooking and measuring the actual value of knowledge and information exchange driven by engagement.

Digitising Events needs a data-driven, evidence-based strategy to align and focus effort, eliminate waste, and maximise engagement in today's radically evolving digital landscape. With the CVI + CVO Framework™, you activate a shared, easily understood language, increasing the visibility of digital initiatives for management and specialist teams to deliver maximum participant value.

Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don't know which half.


John Wanamaker (1838-1922)

Could this be true when Digitising Events?

Evidence-Based Pathway to Digitising Events

  • The framework helps your business easily define your CVIs and Customer Value Outcomes / Commercially Valuable Outcomes (CVOs), shaping a clear, strategic roadmap.

  • It fosters an evidence-based culture, empowering your business to make informed decisions rooted in factual data.

  • By identifying and focusing on crucial CVIs, you can allocate your resources more effectively and efficiently.


By facilitating the definition of CVIs and CVOs, the CVI + CVO Framework™ allows your business to shape a clear roadmap minimising the risk of failed tech implementations and saving you time and resources.

Minimise Tech Sprawl and Reduce Costs 

  • The CVI + CVO Framework™ helps businesses avoid the pitfalls of technology sprawl by aligning tech initiatives with measurable business outcomes before the selection or implementation process begins.

  • It streamlines integrating new technologies and digital tools, ensuring that tech adoption aligns with CVIs and supports CVOs linked to your Digitised Event.

  • The CVI + CVO Framework™ has saved over £210,000 annually on underperforming technology.

What are CVIs + CVOs?

If CVOs are the money, CVIs are the levers you need to pull to inflate them. 

A CVI Commercially Valuable Interaction / Customer Value Indicator

is what feeds your

CVO Commercially Valuable Outcome / Customer Value Outcome


The simplicity and effectiveness of this framework, developed by The Media CTO, ensures your technical and digital effort is always in line with your commercial goals.

Proven Effectiveness


  • The CVI + CVO Framework™ has proven its efficacy, enabling businesses to double audience engagement, significantly reduce costs, and create potential new revenue streams.

  • It provides a safety net for organisations that may be hesitant about Digitising Events, allowing them to embrace change confidently.

  • With its tried-and-tested methodologies, the framework ensures that initiatives to digitise events minimise failure.

Powered by The CVI + CVO Framework™

The CVI + CVO Framework™ revolutionises the approach to Digitising Events, providing a robust, accessible and structured pathway to success. It invariably delivers more interactions and engagement by aligning effort with outcomes. It also provides predictability, giving you the confidence to digitise events successfully.

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