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CVI + CVO Framework

The CVI + CVO Framework ™

Commercial success. Digital Success. In an increasingly online world, they are one and the same. 


To thrive, media and events SMEs need to be able to fully integrate these two spheres.

The CVI + CVO framework™ enables you to develop a shared language and drive commercial results through digital initiatives.

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Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don't know which half.


John Wanamaker (1838-1922)

Could this be true of your digital effort?

What is the CVI + CVO Framework ?

It’s a framework that enables anyone to understand, evaluate and manage the commercial value of your digital initiatives and investments, without any technical expertise. 


The CVI + CVO Framework ™enables everyone in your business to discuss technical initiatives and measure their commercial impact on the business - regardless of department, expertise or experience.


No overly technical language, no complex explanations, no abstract metrics: just commercially driven digital goals.

What does it do?

The CVI + CVO Framework ™ gets you to focus on your business outcomes rather than technical metrics. 


It allows you to look at every digital initiative - be it a technology investment, an automated activity or a data action - and assess its commercial impact on your bottom line. 


As a result, it gives digital autonomy to individuals and teams, empowering them to use data, technology and automation effectively to drive business goals. 

What are CVIs + CVOs?

If CVOs are the money, CVIs are the levers you need to pull to inflate them. 

A CVI Commercially Valuable Interaction feeds your CVO Commercially Valuable Outcome. The simplicity and effectiveness of this framework, developed by The Media CTO, ensures your technical and digital effort is always inline with your commercial goals.

How do we use it?


Our Digital Success Generator will enable you to start using the CVI + CVO Framework ™ to turbocharge your business’ commercial success. 

Find out more about how your business can use this framework in a free Digital Jumpstart session.

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