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The Digital intelligence Generator

The DiG: For Event Success


Discover a world where event data works for you. Meet The DiG, the Digital Intelligence Generator that leverages real-time data to optimise and accelerate your event success.

Empowering Event Professionals with Data-Driven Insight

In digitised events' evolving landscape, The DiG gives you the insights to make informed decisions. From audience acquisition to performance analysis, experience the power of data at your fingertips. Tune your event to the CVI Impact RADAR.

Real-Time Analytics & Insight

The DiG's real-time analytics dashboard combines audience acquisition signals across multiple channels into a unified, intuitive platform. Our data-driven insights give you immediate access to crucial event performance metrics. Understand your audience better and fine-tune your strategies on the go.

Marketing Channel Automation & Optimisation

Revolutionise how you manage your marketing channels with The DiG's automation and optimisation features. Get real-time performance feedback and understand when to automate your channels like PPC and social media effectively.

External Signals Integration & Audience Profiling

The DiG doesn't just aggregate your data; it enhances it. We improve audience profiling and targeting capabilities by integrating external signals like intent scores and metadata. Understand your audience in real-time and deliver events that truly resonate.

Custom Reporting & Data Literacy

We understand that every event is unique. The DiG provides customised reports on event performance, audience acquisition, and marketing channel effectiveness. Plus, with our Digital Academy, we help your teams enhance their data literacy skills to interpret and apply these insights effectively.

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