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The Media CTO - Why I am doing this?

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

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There is nothing quite like a pandemic to make you think. During all the wrong turns and the right turns in my whole career in media and events. I have always applied or enabled digital and tech to differentiate, command premium pricing and create time for my teams to focus on our customers — all in the most cost-effective way.

My passion for applying 'digital' to create a competitive moat in small media and events businesses - the ones that started my career - remains undiminished. But I needed to find a framework that cuts through the crap and creates a business-centric language to apply digital and call out the next digital snake oil salesperson - so I designed the CVI + CVO Framework™.

Some thanks, and The CVI + CVO Framework™

It would be remiss of me not to thank the leadership team at SIFT and members past and present of the Digital Transformation Group (DTG). My time here enabled me to develop and stress test what is now codified as the CVI + CVO Framework™. Input from my other clients, too, helps shaped the Digital Success Generator, a rocketship to digital transformation.

Why is Digital Transformation so slow? Especially in an entrepreneurial business with 10 to 40 employees. It drives me nuts. In my view, you simply cannot apply traditional consulting approaches here. You end up in a turgid morass of requirements gathering, endless meetings and getting your data into their formats. I have engaged consultants in my career. I always felt they were learning the subtle, quirky, but real constraints of our business on the job - putting forward ridiculous and unsustainable recommendations.

Digital transformation should take six months no more - time is the enemy of change. Sustaining change is a skill and knowledge problem - enter The Digital Academy with the CVI + CVO Framework™ guiding you.

Skills and Knowledge - The end of the generalist

I believe we are coming to the end of the generalist in this sector. There are just too many bases to cover to wring out the last drops of digital advantage. I have enjoyed working with some fantastic specialists, particularly in the previous two years of consulting, and I look forward to welcoming their contributions to the Digital Academy.

The academy is about knowledge sharing with explainers tailored to this sector and your resource constraints. Your new graduate talent gets a place to get digital foundations from simple Google Analytics overviews to some of the latest applicable and valuable hacks to move your CVIs + CVOs™.

The CVI + CVO Framework™ course giving us the shared language to make effective and rapid decisions.

I have spared you the obligatory talk to camera video here. I feel we have all had enough of those for a bit - although they are coming as part of us building the CVI + CVO Framework™ Foundation Course.

I am excited about this. There are some fantastic things we can now do even as small businesses. Digital has to be a more significant differentiating pillar. If you feel the same way, let's talk - let's get started.

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