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Digital Transformation should take six months. So why doesn’t it?

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

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Why does digital transformation take so long?

Perhaps it's because consultants bill by the hour, so there is no incentive to get things done quickly, transfer skills fast and arrive at a new and sustainable ‘business as usual’ (BAU) state.

The longer it takes, the less impact it has. If the transformation process drags its heels, you’re less likely to see a systemic behavioural, cultural or productivity shift. It takes whoever is leading the transformation to drive it and get it to its destination fast, in order for everyone to stay on board with the project and stay motivated to make it a success.

Time is the enemy of change, which is why The Media CTO has set out to deliver digital transformation quickly and effectively. Here’s how we do it.

The Media CTO Method

I built The Media CTO to specialise in supporting small to medium sized media and events businesses: those with 30 employees or less. There are two major obstacles to transformation that these businesses encounter, and The Media CTO knows how to overcome them both.

One: identifying effort vs reward.

We know how to identify gain creators – those areas that make a real difference – quickly. We can avoid impractical suggestions that provide little value or take a disproportionate amount of effort to execute, creating a time-sucking vortex of despair with no reward.

Two: enabling knowledge transfer.

Another obstacle to speedy transformation lies in skills and knowledge transfer. If there are barriers between those leading the transformation, and those actually doing the job, it’s not going to be smooth sailing. The Media CTO accelerates and sustains this knowledge transfer, to bridge the gap between the idea and the reality of digital transformation.

Case in point: when I ran an events company, we were convinced to put heatmaps on all our sites as part of our transformation. It took us three months to realise that none of us knew what they meant or how to do anything about it. It was time and resource wasted, that could have been saved if we had paid closer attention to identifying our gain creators, and streamlining the transfer of knowledge.

Reducing transformation time to six months.

Using The Media CTO CVI + CVO Framework ™, a digital transformation programme should take no more than six months to implement.

By coupling our Digital Success Generator with our Digital Academy, you can identify your most impactful digital goals, create a solid framework for transformation using the CVI & CVO Framework ™, and gain the skills you need to deliver transformation in-house as your needs, and the industry around you evolves.

Using our framework to drive smarter transformation

Having run media businesses myself, I know that there is only so much you can do. Your bright team is stretched as it is, and along comes another 'digital must do'. How do you know how to pick the right new thing to pick up and do so in an evidence-based, consensus-driven framework?

The Media CTO’s CVI & CVO Framework ™ solves this problem. I created this simple and practical framework to help guide resources and investment. I have refined it over a couple of years to be teachable and actionable in non-digital first business. It has been stress tested in the field and against all digital decisions in my career, and it works. I wish I had it fifteen years ago; it would have avoided a few 'digital howlers'.

The framework is the key to making your high-speed digital transformation programme keep providing value and never stop. If this resonates with you you can book a free session with The Media CTO to explore things further and start speeding up your digital transformation.

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