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The DiG - Predicting Attendance

A live dashboard that tells you what is happening is great, but one that tells you what will happen changes the game.

What would you do if you knew with certainty down to the individual registrant if they will attend?

Why The DiG?

With Live events, what matters is who will attend and then what they will do when they are there.


You usually figure this out in your post-event report, which may include commissioned audience research - irritatingly, this is too late, and now you must wait another year to action course corrections.


By Knowing You Can

20% Increase

boost your engaged event attendance

Increase by 200

webinar registrations

30% Increase

increase audience retention

A stop sign

eliminate non-performing channels

Upwards of 40 minuites

drive webinar engagement

Being On Target

target for attendance

The DiG Makes it Happen

The DiG powered by machine learning, proprietary data models, behavioural data from GA4 and custom GPTs is continually learning and improving. When you know what will happen, you are in a position to.

A screenshot of a DiG Dashboard showing predicted attendance


Improved Omnichannel Audience Acquisition

Optimise your audience growth by focusing on those channels with the highest predicted attendance.


Real-time Analytics Dashboards

Knowing what will happen in real-time across all touchpoints helps you to take action.


Anomaly Alerts

Unusual activity can highlight an opportunity or signal an issue. With so much happening before an event, anomaly alerts will catch them.


External Signals Integration

Refine your audience targeting by leveraging intent scores and enhanced profiling.


Digital Academy

Boost your team's data literacy and technical skills, enabling them to make informed decisions and achieve superior results.

The Role Of The CVI CVO Framework

Simple and accessible yet powerful is the cornerstone of The DiG, enabling us to distil the numbers that matter most to feed our machine learning models.

For Example

For our blog, 'Digitising Events', the Commercially Valuable Interaction (CVI) is the average time on page, as it allows us to train machine learning to identify resonating audiences. This focus enables us to hone our content, solve genuine pain points, and identify areas for improvement and drive product improvements for The DiG and the Digital Academy.

We want to work with you to

Our vision for The DiG is for you to have your post-show report at your fingertips at all times during the run-in to your event - for you to take action and influence the outcome.

Knowing what will happen will help us Digitise Events to deliver better and deeper live experiences powered by scientific method driven by the accessibility and affordability of AI.


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