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The Digital Intelligence Generator

The DIG - from data to commercial value

Convert data & digital interactions into revenue and intelligence for your business. 
The Media CTO will show you how to get actionable insights by utilising data, advanced analysis, technology and automation - to maximise your CVOs Commercially Valuable Outcomes.


  • Select the right systems to reduce costs

  • Automate appropriate actions and free up valuable time

  • Use data intelligence to deliver higher value to your customers

  • Adopt the CVI + CVO Framework™ to get the most out of your digital experiences and manage future investments

Our four-point plan, supported by the CVI + CVO Framework™, sets you up for Digitising Events and making decisions based on data insight and evidence.


  • One - Identify your CVIs + CVOs to start using digital to your commercial advantage

  • Two - Bring the right signals into real-time dashboards to take informed action

  • Three - Streamline and optimise: data, systems and automation

  • Four - Access to tools, training and strategy you need from the Digital Academy

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