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Filtering Out Internal Traffic In GA In A Small Business

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

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The most elegant solution for filtering out internal traffic as the remote working trend continues.

We believe the solution put forward by Simo Ahava in his excellent step by step post: #GTMTIPS: SIMPLE WAY TO EXCLUDE INTERNAL VISITS FROM GOOGLE ANALYTICS - [] is the most elegant way of solving the problem.

It is especially relevant for smaller businesses as all the 'out the box' solutions in Google Analytics will not work. Such as filtering by IP addresses (home internet IP addresses change all the time) or using VPN access which is overkill for most small businesses.

How does it filter internal traffic?

The diagram below gives you the general idea and how it can effectively filter out all that internal traffic.

Schematic of how to filter out internal traffic in Google Analytics
How internal traffic is filterd out

You can set up and send out a desktop shortcut to all your team and suppliers or just share the link. The other cool thing is that as we are using the 'user' scope once a user visits with the link if they don't use this link again or forget that is ok as GA will have already flagged their user session as 'internal=true'.

All you need to implement this is some basic knowledge of Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics anyone with access to these in your team will be able to implement this following Simos' comprehensive post.

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