The Digital Success Generator

The digital action plan that will turbocharge your commercial value

How can you convert digital interactions into revenue for your business? 
The Media CTO will show you how to get tangible results by utilising data, technology and automation - and maximising your Commercially Valuable Outcomes.


  • Select the right systems to reduce your costs

  • Automate appropriate actions and free up valuable time

  • Build a ‘data moat’ and command a higher CPL

  • Adopt the CVI + CVO Framework™ to get the most out of your digital experiences and manage future investments

We’ll show you how to generate value through technology, data and automation using our proprietary CVI + CVO Framework™, and set you on the path to digital independence.


  • Identify your CVIs + CVOs to start using digital to your commercial advantage

  • Develop a clear action plan to achieve digital success

  • Build your tailor-made digital trifecta: data, systems and automation

  • Access the tools, training and strategy you need in-house to continue your digital development in our academy

Jumpstart your digital advantage