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Realise the Full Potential of Your Events with The DiG

Navigate Through the Sea of Metrics and Discover the Numbers that Truly Drive Your Event's Success with Our Real-Time Analytics and Custom Data Models

Why The DiG?

In an era where data is abundant yet insights are scarce, The DiG transcends conventional analytics, providing not just dashboards but actionable insights for events that align your efforts with the metrics that matter most by digging deeper and leveraging customised data models for events.


Smash Your CVOs


boost to your event attendance


Average webinar registrations


audience retention year on year


non-performing key channels


average webinar engagement


Intent-based audience scoring

The DiG Makes it Happen

The DiG enables you to achieve and better these outcomes and more, amplifying your results while minimising costs by confidently eliminating non-value-adding systems, channels, and tactics.


Improved Omnichannel Audience Acquisition

Optimise your audience growth by consolidating data across channels and deriving real-time actionable insights tuned to the unique dynamics of events.


Real-time Analytics Dashboards

Monitor and enhance your event performance with user-friendly visualisations and instant, actionable recommendations for channel activation.


Channel Optimization and Automation

Maximise your marketing ROI by pinpointing optimisation opportunities using real-time performance feedback. Eliminating or retuning channels which are not performing.


External Signals Integration

Refine your audience targeting by integrating intent scores and metadata to enhance profiling capabilities, giving more confidence to your audience acquisition.


Customised Reporting and Insights

Every event has its own DNA. Empower your decision-making with tailored event performance analysis - whatever the format, enabling you to drive more interactions at your events.


Digital Academy Upskilling and Training Programs

Boost your team's data literacy and technical skills, enabling them to make informed decisions and achieve superior results.

The Role Of The CVI CVO Framework

The CVI CVO Framework, although complex in depth, is the cornerstone of The DiG, enabling us to distil the numbers that matter most.

For Example

For our blog, 'Digitising Events', the Commercially Valuable Interaction (CVI) is the average time on page, as it allows us to validate our messaging and identify resonating audiences. This focus enables us to hone our content, solve genuine pain points, and identify areas for improvement and new service development for The DiG and the Digital Academy.

We want to work with you to

Unlock lost potential and identify hidden opportunities in your event metrics.

Create collaborative performance enhancement by working with you to hone in on the numbers that elevate your media product's performance.

Share genuine event understanding with a history as event organisers; we properly understand your needs and challenges.

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