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Virtual Events Drive 30min+ Average Engagement Times

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

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If we want to drive deep and continuous engagement for your webinars or virtual event sessions, we have to ask when does it start? Consider the two journies below.

  • Register for a virtual session

  • Add it to the calendar

  • Get lots of reminders

  • Opt-out of reminders - because they are too many

  • Log into the session

  • Make a judgement if I want to say in 10mins


  • Register for a virtual session

  • Get asked what my burning question is - with an option to submit this anonymously.

  • Add to the calendar.

  • Get a reminder and a short note from the moderator saying the speaker has noted the question and will address it.

  • Closer to the event, I get another reminder - with a note from the moderator and a link to the other audience questions the speaker and panel will address

Take a guess which flow is getting north of 30min+ average session engagement.

Virtual Event Engagement by Design

The point is that the features you use to present the virtual session will not drive engagement. They are simply nice and necessary production tools and essential in that context only, and I feel platform vendors need to stop pushing that message - it's a red herring.

The second flow not shared in complete detail was arrived at by applying the CVI + CVO Framework ™. When you find the real CVO (Commercially Valuable Outcome) and challenge yourself to deliver it, you will discover user flows like the second example. The first assumes 'Attention by Default' like at an in-person event. The second aspires to 'Attention by Design.'

Explore the flows that will work for you but joining the Digital Academy this September.


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