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Core Web Vitals - Executive Summary

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

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Executive summary of the latest significant Google update - Core Web Vitals. We pick out the four trends you and your teams should be planning for, especially for event websites.

Mobile First

Google is going to treat your mobile and desktop experience differently and effectively index them separately. We have seen mobile traffic top 30% for all our B2B clients.

For search, you can rank differently on mobile and desktop as approx 58% of searches are on mobile. If you are not mobile-first, you may not show up.

This is particularly relevant for event websites, especially as you add virtual/hybrid layers. Additionally, consider 83% of all social visits are from mobile - create the experience to hook them in.

Our View: A responsive desktop site is no longer the answer to your mobile experience.

Speed and Page Experience

It has always been important to your ranking, but as mentioned with the abstraction of mobile and desktop, Google's updated benchmarks are aggressive. Anything above 2.5 seconds won't cut it.

Page Experience Performance Benchmarks
Page Experience Performance Benchmarks

There is also a further increase and emphasis on-page experience signals which will impact your rankings.

Page Experience Signals Added to Search Signals
Page Experience Signals Added to Search Signals

Our View: When selecting platforms, speed ability to serve fast must be a core capability.

Longer, more authoritative content

This trend has a lot to do with page authority and giving the audience what they want an authoritative piece to answer their search. It will have an impact on Event Websites looking to rank as per the quote below

"Throughout 2020, I consistently witnessed blogs over 2,000 words dramatically outperform blogs of 1,000 words or less," Lieback said. "Expect this long-form content trend to continue in 2021, and as more and more websites follow this trend, the length will get larger – maybe even toward that 2,500-3,000 mark for a blog to rank well over others."

Ron Lieback, CEO/Founder, ContentMender

Our View: Event websites especially will need to look at incorporating more long-form content; write-ups and transcripts from presentations will be a good source.

The importance of AMP is declining

Not all commentators agree on this, but we believe this to be true. Particularly if you consider the fact you will be running a mobile and desktop site, and for both, you are shooting for sub 2sec load time, the problem AMP aimed to solve for mobile.

Our View: AMP have been touted as having a critical impact on search; we believe speed and page experience will outstrip this over time.

Next Steps

Our aim with our tech alerts is to provide executive summaries on changes we believe are essential to the market and ones that your teams should embrace.

SEO is very specialist and technical, and you should engage a specialist aligned with your CVIs + CVOs. It will become increasingly essential for delivering virtual and hybrid events.

We follow two sites to keep up to date the excellent blog by Neil Patel over at ( and Search Engine Journal (

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